I wish I was a punk rocker.


Late musings...

For my blog post today, I should like to draw attention to one of my favourite web comics, Elftor. Basically it's about an ultra-violent, psychopathic elf. I warmly recommend it. Newcomers should start here.

I also want to recommend The Order of the Stick - eminently amusing for anyone familiar with role-playing and the intricacies of the AD&D system. I used to play that a lot back in high school, and I haven't had the opportunity to do so since then, but this comic brought it all back. Highly recommendable.

In other news: my paper isn't progressing at all. And tomorrow is my dentist's appointment. Ewgh. I guess I'll have to call Stine (a truly marvelous creature) and reschedule our plan to go and watch "La Mala Educación". I've already seen it once, but it's definitely good for one more viewing.

Furthermore, I've decided that as this blog is hardly going to ever be internationally acclaimed and since I figure I'll frequently be commenting on Danish issues, from tomorrow this blog will be in Danish instead.

And so I bid you all a good night.

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