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Hi there

I've noticed how all the cool people have a weblog and suddenly it occurred to me that I had none. This, of course, had to be a mistake committed somewhere, but instead of complaining I thought I'd do something about it myself, so here you go.

I'll be using this spot to post a comment or two about what ails me every now and again, and also I plan to use it to keep track of my on-going diet. I've decided that I want to try this "fit" thing they all talk about, so from time to time I'll be posting my progress here.

The deal is this: Last Wednesday (the 12th of August) I made a bet with a friend, the terms of which were that the one to first drop 20% of his body weight could pick a restaurant and a dinner of his choice and the loser would have to pay. So now we're at it, and at the moment he's in the lead, but that shan't last long, I tells you.

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Kapitel 16 sagde ...

Hm, Rasmus, jeg synes, du ligesom er gået lidt i stå - men det har jeg også tit gjort udi blogging...