I wish I was a punk rocker.



This past week and a half saw the arrival of my 25th birthday - sigh! I'm not quite sure I like the speed at which time is progressing. Oh well... more importantly I went home to Mors to visit my parents and celebrate my birthday with my family, which was pretty neat, actually, but not at all good for my resolve to lose weight. In fact, I think I even gained weight. Not good - Stefan is well in the lead at the moment, so it's time for me to buckle up and lay off the fatty foods. The next couple of days it's leek and onion soup for me.

On another note, I'm considering dumping my newsreader Forté Agent that I've been using seemingly forever for 40tude Dialog - which has finally reached the stage where it is totally Unicode compatible on my system. Unicode, in case you're wondering, is the immensely promising new technology that allows all of the world's different writing systems to be contained in one codepage and one font, thus enabling the storage of any combination of signs and letters from any of the world's writing system in one simple plain text file - or even inclusion in a blog (μπλόγ / בְּלוֹג / блог / ब्लोग्) - wee :)

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